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The best way to get Gavin Williamson’s attention is through Members of Parliament. They have his private email address and his phone number, and we need him overwhelmed with MPs demanding he save union learning. 

MPs listen to their constituents and every email gets read, so we need to flood MPs inboxes with stories of why union learning matters.

The TUC have set-up an easy action, so you can send your story to your local MP and ask them to contact Gavin Williamson.

Individual stories are powerful - if you personalise your message and speak from the heart there's a better chance of persuading your MP to act.

Can you take a moment to tell your MP why union learning is important?

Tips for an effective letter to your MP:

Your message can be short or long, just make sure it's from the heart.

If you have completed union learning, be specific about the course or apprenticeship you did.

If you need some inspiration, others have written about how union learn has impacted their lives or about how union learning projects have:

  • Improved their skills and confidence

  • Helped them go on to further study

  • Inspired them to become lifelong learners

  • Funded union learning centres that have benefitted the whole community

  • Helped them find further employment

It couldn't be simpler to complete - just a few clicks and your letter is done!

Fill in your details - Name, Email Address and Postcode.


In the main text box YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL IN THE RECIPIENT POSITION OR NAME OR YOUR OWN DETAILS AT THE BOTTOM. This information is added automatically at the end.


This information will be pre-formatted once complete

You can add your own personal story about Union Learning in this text box.

Just click in the box and type your experiences, the more personal the better, to show how Union Learning has changed your life!

Once complete - just click "Add Your Voice" and the letter will be automatically be emailed to your local MP. (The local MP details will be generated from your postcode).