Continued Professional Development (CPD)

We offer a range of short courses to help you with your Continued Professional Development (CPD). Our short, bite-sized CPD courses are interactive and engaging, and take on average two hours to complete. 

All these courses are delivered online and are auto-marked, which means that feedback is instant. 

They are a great addition to your CV and beneficial for improving overall general knowledge. 

The CPD courses are free.

Health and Fitness 

  • Explore the Principles of Healthy Eating

  • Principle of Weight Management

  • Understand the Principles of Exercise and Fitness

Health and Safety

  • COSHH Risk Assessment

  • DSE Risk Assessment

  • Fire Safety Principles

  • Health and Safety in the Workplace

  • Manual Handling Safety at Work

  • Principles of Internet Safety

Health and Social Care

  • Alcohol Awareness

  • Dementia Awareness

  • Safeguarding Adults & Children

  • Sexual Health Awareness

  • Substance Misuse Awareness

  • Understanding Anxiety

  • Understanding Depression

  • Understanding Eating Disorders

  • Understanding Stress

  • Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication 

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Mental Capacity Act

  • ADHD Awareness (upon request)

Personal Development and Employability

  • First Aid Programme

  • Introduction to First Aid (Zone 1 or Zone 2 or Zone 3 or Zone 4)

  • Personal Money Management

  • Right and Responsibilities

  • Understanding Equality and Diversity

  • Success Profile Training (upon request)

  • Effective Minute Taking Training (upon request)

Retail and Hospitality

  • Prepare to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

  • Food safety Awareness

Business, Leadership and Management

  • Leadership & Management Programme

  • Conflict Management

  • Discipline in the Workplace

  • Induction of New Staff

  • Leading & Motivating a Team

  • Organising & Delegating

  • Performance Management

  • Planning & Allocating Work

  • Solving Problems & Making Decisions

  • Stress Management

  • Understanding Leadership


Account and Finance

  • AAT Essentials: Budgeting

  • Ethics for Accountant - Level 3 Unit Resource and Revision Guide

  • Indirect Tax - Level 3 Unit Resource and Revision Guide

  • Bookkeeping Controls - Level 2 Unit Resource and Revision Guide

  • Element of Costing - Level 2 Unit Resource and Revision Guide

  • Advanced Bookkeeping - Level 3 Unit Resource and Revision Guide

  • Final Accounts Preparation - Level 3 Unit Resource and Revision Guide

  • Management Accounting: Costing - Level 3 Unit Resource and Revision Guide

  • Spreadsheets for Accounting - Level 3 Unit Resource and Revision Guide

  • Work Effectively in Finance - Level 2 Unit Resource and Revision Guide

  • Level 2 Synoptic Assessment Preparation Revision Resource

  • Level 3 Synoptic Assessment Preparation Revision Resource

For more information about the qualifications or to request an enrolment,

please contact Nigel Williamson.

We offer a large range of courses: including Functional Skills and Level 2 Distance Learning Courses. Most of our courses are free and you can enrol through email, phone, Social Media or on our website. Need more info, contact us!


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