Returning to work

after a break

It can be quite daunting when thinking about going back to work after a break, whether your career break was planned or unplanned, it can be a difficult time. Some employers may have an understanding of applicants who have been out of the day to day work routine, others may not; in your time away from the workplace what skills and experience have you gained and how do you get that across to a potential employer?

POA Learning have today launched a new course, “Returning to the workplace after a break”, a great resource to support those looking for a new job after a time away from employment. Looking at the steps required to get back into work, the course covers the key areas for learners to think about including knowing what type of job is wanted, what hours are required and the resources that are available to look into the job market.

With hints on how to research a particular company and tips to help upskill for that key role, this course works alongside POA Learning’s other employability sessions that are also available, “CV Writing”, “Effective Job Applications” and “Interview Skills” a superb package for anyone looking to get back into the job market.

Written and presented by POA Learning Centre Manager Dave Logan who has a wealth of experience in the employment sector, this is another invaluable course from POA Learning supporting communities through the current pandemic.

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