Tips for Staying Positive...

During these difficult times, it can be hard to stay positive, but do you know the factors that you can and can’t control?

POA Learning have launched a new online course, designed and presented by Beverley Nolker from Eastchurch Learning Centre who is an experienced Teacher and Curriculum Creator, promoting teaching and learning to meet the needs of neurodiverse learners.

“Tips for Staying Positive” gives learners an insight into how to stay positive, looking at ways of how to enrich and empower for the future, ultimately giving the learner a renewed sense of positivity.

With activities to complete within the course using various methods, this session can open up new processes of thought and some great ideas to take forward as the learner moves along their journey of positivity.

To take advantage of this free resource, please contact:

For learners with a Welsh postcode, please email:

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