Think about your next shopping trip...

With many shops now starting to re-open after the recent events, Andy McColl of POA Learning takes a look at “Consumer Psychology”.

'Shopping' - just going to a store to get what you need? For consumers, this is a myth retailers would like you to believe!

This short course examines some aspects of the orchestrated experience commonly known as 'shopping' - and some of the psychological manipulations retailers and marketers use to separate us from our money.

· How does 'buy one get one free' make any sense for a retailer?

· Why is the milk always at the back?

· Why do I always come away from the supermarket with more than I intended to buy?

These and other mysteries are put under scrutiny as Andy takes us through the behaviours of customers, decision making, the choreography of shopping and how to survive the whole shopping experience.

This course will certainly change the way you view your trip to the local supermarket and will make you more mindful when you pick up that “bargain”.

The best part of this course? …. It really is FREE!

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