Special Award for POA Learning at Dartmoor

POA Learning have been awarded a Certificate of Achievement by the Governor of HMP Dartmoor in the Community and Employer category during the recent Festival of Learning.

The centre opened in April 2020 at HMP Dartmoor has not only become a key educational staff resource within the establishments but also within all other nine prisons within the South West area.

The positive and supportive relationship between the employer (HMP Dartmoor) and POA Learning generated a win win situation providing based staff development opportunities that feed into the business needs of the organisation as well as providing Continued Professional Development (CPD) for employees.

Prison staff need not be sent on expensive training courses with all associated costs away from their home - distances that for some staff may make such learning otherwise prohibitive due to child care issues for instance. Rather, learning is delivered within or from the onsite learning centre.

Beyond the prison walls, POA Learning has developed strong links within their local community with employers and business as well as groups supporting disadvantaged learners. The team provide an ICT suite for community usage as well as free bespoke training and learning to a number of community projects including The Hill Farm Project, West Devon Libraries, Prestige Nursing and Care, JobCentre Plus...

The centre also provides regular Information, Advice and Guidance sessions to community members in hard reach areas who use Devon Libraries in Tavistock, Collumpton, Ivybridge and Oakhampton.

The work undertaken by POA Learning at HMP Dartmoor has cemented POA Learning as an educational provider of choice within both local community and within South West Prisons. All of this wouldn’t be able without the work of our team who is key to this success: POA Learning Learner Supports Ivan Judd and Susan Hunt.

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