Quick Reads 2020

This year again, POA Learning support The Reading Agency and the Quick Reads program.

Quick Reads in a program launched by The Reading Agency in 2006. Since then, over than 4.8 millions copies have been distributed. It is simple: each year, The Reading Agency work with bestselling authors to produce 6 short and engaging stories for adult readers.

Those readings are available to purchase everywhere: from online retailers or bookshops. You can also borrow them from your local library. But not only, they work with other organisations including prisons, colleges, hospitals and adult learning organisations to reach a wider public.

Those short stories are one the best and nicest way to go back to reading for those who may find it difficult. Reading could become, once again, a pleasure.

To find out more about this year selection, click on the following link : https://readingagency.org.uk/news/blog/quick-reads-2020-find-out-more-about-the-books.html

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