POA Learning toast festival success...

Throughout lockdown POA Learning have continued to support the learning needs of their learners but also wanted to support their wellbeing so in July the Festival of Wellbeing was launched and delivered; it saw a number of Well-Being subjects being delivered over a series of 9 webinars facilitated by professionals in their fields

Over 350 participants took part in the sessions that included diverse presentations such as Laughter Yoga, Mindfulness and a Wellbeing Buffet. The nine sessions were supported by POA Learning staff who looked after the learner’s questions and comments alongside any tech issues that arose.

With a master’s degree in Health and Happiness Awareness, Robin Graham joined regaled the festival with “Laughter Yoga”. Robin’s passion is for communicating and sharing, he uses laughter both therapeutically and for fun. He is known as an inspirational speaker delivering workshops, training, ice breakers and presentations throughout the UK and overseas.

Robin kept his viewers engaged over the two hours with a series of different exercises leaving everyone with a smile on their face, “(It was) very different to what I expected but great fun. Robin is the laughter King!” said one learner.

Another learner from the South East told us “This course came into my life just at the right time and I have felt rejuvenated ever since. The speaker was warm, welcoming, and empathetic. It felt like he was talking to us individually and not as a trainer.”

It was then onto a buffet - a Buffet of Wellbeing provided by Iain Smith. Iain was invited back to POA Learning after running a very popular and fascinating session at one of the team meetings and once again he didn’t disappoint.

As a trainer, Iain presents key ideas in an entertaining and accessible way so that attendees can easily put them into place and use them the very next day. His training courses consistently receive fabulous feedback. He coaches senior leaders, focusing on giving them the skills they need in order to lead their organisations effectively and was a big hit over his three sessions.

With a wealth of hints and tips, Iain provided something for everyone with plenty to think about and take away to use back in the real world.

He gave learners an opportunity to think about how they think, he used his years of experience to ensure everyone had a moment of clarity and to think differently about what is going on around them.

A Doncaster learner said “Thank you very much for this course, I feel that I have benefited and hope to put what I have learnt into action!” whilst another learner from the opposite end of the country concurred “I enjoyed that Iain shared personal examples to help explain his points. I found the whole session interesting and informative. It made me think about how I can develop my resilience and support others with theirs.”.

Finally, it was time to turn it all down a notch as Matt Pointon arrived with his session on Mindfulness. Time to sit back, relax and reflect with some meditation, Matt from unionlearn went through a series of mindfulness techniques including breathing exercises, immersion and mindful appreciation.

Once again, learners were enthused by the session, “It was a really interesting course and has inspired me to explore the subject further. Well put together. Without the Covid 19 situation I would never have considered doing a course like this remotely but it worked well. Thank you to all who have contributed.” Said one, with another really taking to this new way of learning saying “Excellent session and confirmed for me my recent thinking that I should pursue this for my own well -being and that many things I do are leading me down this pathway. Good mixture of talking and practical, I appreciated the short break as it's a lot to take in. Loving the learning by Webinar!”.

With the overall success of this event, another series of webinars have been booked for the coming months, in August “Let’s Get Creative” will take learners on a journey through cookery, painting, writing and illustration while in September the theme will be “Neurodiversity” where leaders in their respective fields will present about Dyslexia, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Condition.

POA Learning Manager Alison Manion is delighted with the way the Festival went saying “The success of the festival was amazing, the speakers and staff that worked on the event ensured that it all ran smoothly and that an enjoyable, informative time was had by all”