POA Learning - Supporting Neurodiversity

POA Learning are delighted to announce their September 2020 series of free webinars on the subject of “NEURODIVERSITY”.

Three guest speakers will be covering different subjects including Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Condition and ADHD across three days.

Kicking us off will be Janette Beetham with “Dyslexia - so much more than problems with reading.” This webinar is for anyone wanting to gain a greater understanding of dyslexia and co-occurring neurodivergent/neurodiverse ‘conditions’ – it covers a range of perspectives.

The session will give an overview of dyslexia, early years, and the potential impact on foundation education, exploring the possible effects while at school, college or university.

This fascinating session then moves on to look at dyslexia within the criminal justice system, good practice in relation to managing and supporting dyslexic staff, discussion around the legal duties and workplace adjustments -practicalities and arrangements before exploring some ways to make communications more accessible.

Janette Beetham is a Workplace Dyslexia/Neurodiversity Consultant with over 15 years’ experience focusing specifically on this field of work. She is also founder of a range of accredited training programmes; Dyslexia Champions™, Neuro-inclusive Practice™ and the Neurodiversity Aware®

Janette is herself dyslexic / neurodivergent (having only discovered this in her late 30’s having experienced challenges during her education and early employment).

She is a Member of the Institute of Consulting, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and now a ‘Senior Consultant to the BDA’ (British Dyslexia Association, 2017). She has written articles for several BDA publications.

Janette will be presenting her webinars on Tuesday 22nd September from 10am – 12pm, Wednesday 23rd 2pm – 4pm and Thursday 24th 5.30pm – 7.30pm.

Next up is a webinar entitled “Autism Spectrum Condition” presented by Professor Amanda Kirby.

This 2-hour workshop will explain how Autism presents for males and females and what other ‘conditions’ often overlap alongside it.

Amanda will provide an understanding of the challenges that are relevant specifically in justice settings as well as the community, providing some practical guidance on how to provide understanding and support. She will also offer some insight into the strengths people have and how these can be harnessed.

Professor Amanda Kirby has unique experience that spans health, education, and the workplace.

She is a qualified GP, has worked in adult psychiatry and has delivered stress management to a wide range of professionals. She changed career when at the age of 3 her 2nd child was diagnosed with Dyspraxia, her experiences led to her starting up an interdisciplinary specialist centre for parents and children ( later on adults) in order to be able to provide practical robust support.

She is an emeritus professor at the University of South Wales. She has lectured to more than 100,000 individuals worldwide, written over 100 research papers and become internationally recognized in the field of neurodiversity as both a clinician and researcher. Over the years she has written 9 books for children, parents, health and educational professionals and for the workplace.

Amanda will be with us on Tuesday 22nd September from 2pm – 4pm, Wednesday 23rd 5.30pm – 7.30pm and Thursday 24th 10am – 12pm.

Finally, Bev Nolker will present a new session “Embracing ADHD”.

This webinar will explore the divergent and creative aspects of ADHD. It will delve into the denial, disbelief, anger, rejection and blame that an initial diagnosis of ADHD can incur. Embracing ADHD can, at times, seem impossible but the dynamic, inventive, spontaneous and energetic aspects can be nurtured with support and encouragement. This webinar aims to look at how these can be cultivated to empower an individual with ADHD.

Bev is an experienced teacher and curriculum creator, promoting teaching and learning to meet the needs of neurodiverse learners. Bev is part of the ADHD Europe Coaching Committee, is on the steering group committee Kings College London CIAO-II clinical trial, devised the ADHD Awesome Coaching programme for families, runs a very popular ADHD Awareness course and the ADHD Sheppey group. Bev is the mother of a child with ADHD as well as having an ADHD diagnosis herself, she speaks from first-hand experience and is on a journey of self-discovery and advocacy for both herself and her son.

Bev’s sessions are running on Tuesday 22nd September 5.30pm – 7.30pm, Wednesday 23rd 10am – 12pm and Thursday 24th 2pm – 4pm.

The sessions are free and bookings can be made via the Eventbrite links at: www.poalearning.org.uk/neurodiversity.