POA Learning support UK Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual commemoration and celebration of history and achievements of members of the black community.

It was born in the USA in the early 20th century and is commemorated there in February to coincide with the birthdays of US President Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass -; it has now expanded to include the history of not only Afro-Caribbean black people but all black people in general.

In the UK, Black History Month takes place in October and was first celebrated in 1987. The event was organised by Ghanaian-born activist Akyaaba Addai Sebo, who at the time was the coordinator for special projects for The Greater London council.

Through the years, UK Black History Month has spread across the country and is commemorated with various events and activities by several organisations including the Prison Service.

POA Learning support UK Black History Month with the establishments and the communities that we are working with through learning. As a multicultural society, it is important that we are aware of equality and diversity in order to build a better world for the next generations.

As Ivan Judd - Dartmoor learning centre - stated:

“Everyone has a role in promoting and embedding race equality, showing leadership and challenging both staff and offenders when inclusion and diversity standards slip. Without the aforementioned leadership we will never achieve a more tolerant and above all decent society. POA Learning is extremely proud to be supporting Black History Month at HMP Dartmoor by providing targeted educational resources for all. As an employee being able to bring your whole self to work allows you to perform at your best and for offenders, permits them to address their offending behaviour”.

To promote our learning offer - such as the Level 2 Equality and Diversity course - our teams will take part in events across the country. One of these events will be a Carnival day organised by Kebba Bojand at HMP Nottingham on October 30th.

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