POA Learning promote a Super-Hero time for young people…

After their online art class, POA Learning in Eastchurch moved onto a more “super” way of being creative as Superheroes were the theme of the day at an online art session.

Local artist, Richard Jeferies, taught young people and their parents/carers to draw a superhero from basic shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles and triangles with some fantastic results.

Centre Manager Bev Nolker commented, "Doing small workshops, such as this, is our way of bringing the community together at this unprecedented time. We are trying to come up with ideas of ways to help people keep in touch."

The group had an engaging session that was a fun and creative morning for the attendees with some “super” feedback coming from those who took part.

Echoing Bev’s comments about keeping the community engages, five year old Sophie said, "I loved the drawing, Supergirl was the best. I even saw friends from school online too."

One of the mums sent an email after the session to say, "My son has autism. He kept getting annoyed with himself for going wrong, have a mini paddy, new piece of paper, start again. And because of the lovely pace and calm attitude, and encouragement from Richard, he kept going. He believed he would achieve and loved it."

Once again, with people confined to their homes, and with the tenacity of our own Wonder-Woman, Bev, the people of Eastchurch have been able to take themselves away from what is happening out in the wider world for a short time and come away with new skills, and creative inspiration to see them through the current situation.

Richard has kindly allowed us to use some of his illustrations for anyone to download and colour in, full details will be posted online once these are ready.

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