Painting in the summer...

As the summer months roll by, why not sit on a lovely beach with the waves lapping at the shore? …

POA Learning can make that happen, albeit through art, as artist Graham Benham gives a video tutorial on painting a beach scene.

The two-part tutorial gives some great hints and tips on how to create the perfect picture as Graham uses his experience to talk through step by step, giving hints and tips on how to be creative.

Graham, from the Isle of Sheppey, has over 20 years’ experience as an artist and runs art classes with over twenty people attending on various days and still going strong. The class is for anyone wanting to paint, and he has taken time out to record this tutorial for POA Learning as part of their Family Learning project.

He believes that painting is there for us all and achievable with a few little 'stabilisers'. Before long you will be riding unaided and expressing yourself.

When teaching art, he says there is no right or wrong - only perception. If in your mind that is how the painting should look, so be it and Graham is there to explain the technical bits which will enhance the vision.

This free session is available on the POA Learning website at:

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