Neurodiversity Webinars ... Replay

If you missed any of our Neurodiversity webinars, they are now available to watch again on our website.

Three sessions, one from each of our guest speakers are now online and to access these please email: for the link.

The three sessions are:

Congratulations! - you have ADHD - Embracing the differences

A recording of the session run by Bev Nolker exploring the divergent and creative aspects of ADHD. It will delve into the denial, disbelief, anger, rejection and blame that an initial diagnosis of ADHD can incur. Embracing ADHD can, at times, seem impossible but the dynamic, inventive, spontaneous and energetic aspects can be nurtured with support and encouragement. This webinar aims to look at how these can be cultivated to empower an individual with ADHD.

Autism Spectrum Condition

A recording of the session by Prof. Amanda Kirby will provides an insight into the challenges that are relevant specifically in justice settings as well as the community and provide some practical guidance on how to provide understanding and support. She will also provide some insight into the strengths people have and how these can be harnessed.

Dyslexia - so much more than just problems with reading

A recording of Janette Beetham's webinar for anyone wanting to gain a greater understanding of dyslexia and co-occurring neurodivergent/neurodiverse ‘conditions’ – it covers a range of perspectives. The session includes an overview of dyslexia and the co-occurring nature of neurodivergent/neurodiverse ‘conditions’, early years and the potential impact on foundation education, exploring the potential impact while at school, college or university and looking at dyslexia in the workplace.

For access, please email: