CASE STUDY - Richard Harris

Richard has been working as prison officer since joining G4S almost three years ago; he has not been involved with learning at all in recent years. He became aware of the learning opportunities available from POA Learning when he received a global email detailing the options.

He read through the information and was interested by the Level 2 Certificate in awareness of mental health problems’ as he thought that having an increased understanding of mental health issues would be beneficial for him on a professional level. He registered his interest and enrolled on the course.

He said that he found that he liked the method of study and found the course material good but especially liked the fact that the timeframe was flexible and that helped him massively as there were times when he found it tough to fit everything in. The assessor provided good feedback and he enjoyed the course and gained information that would help him in understanding some of the issues faced by individuals with mental health problems.

Richard said “it was a good course” and he would recommend it to others as it was worth the time spent to study the materials etc. he also said that he would think about doing another course at some point in the near future.

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