CASE STUDY - Lee Jenkins

Lee Jenkins is currently a Training Officer for G4S at Parc Prison, Bridgend and has been with the company for 19 years.

Lee is one of those people who has been actively engaged in learning and has completed a number of qualifications previously, but this is the first distance learning course he has studied.

He says that he was interested in the Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Dementia Care course as he has a family member who suffers with the condition, but also to ascertain if the information gained would be equally transferable into the professional role. He was also very interested to see how the delivery format worked.

Lee said he found the course easy to follow as it was broken down into sections, with each section then containing the information required to respond to the accompanying assessment questions which allowed for gradual progression. The Assessor was really helpful and he received phone calls and emails to gauge his progress and provide feedback on his assessment submissions.

The overall learning experience was a positive one. The course contained a lot of information and allowed him to digest it at his own pace. He says

“I’ve even found myself looking back over the course to reaffirm my learning”.

Lee said he would definitely recommend the course as it was both informative and thought provoking. Whilst he had undertaken the course out of personal interest he believed that it could benefit his professional development and career opportunities in the future.

The only thing it cost me was time, the course was provided for free

Lee said he would be considering which course he might enrol on next.

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