CASE STUDY - David Juckiewicz

At the time of enrolling on the course David was a custodial manager with 24 years prison service. The last time he had been actively learning something was when he went through the aspire development course which was prior to his promotion to custodial manager.

David chose the Autism Awareness course for personal reasons and says that he found the briefing prior to the course and the materials provided a very clear explanation of how the course worked and the expectations on the learner. The option of additional support during your studies was also clearly signposted.

The feedback from the assessor was helpful and provided clarity and direction throughout the course. He found the course very enjoyable so much so that he is looking to undertake another.

When asked would he recommend the course his response was “Yes very much so” and to those thinking about enrolling his response was a resounding “Just do it”.

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