CASE STUDY - Cerys Powell

CPD Certified on-line courses: Understanding Leadership and Conflict Management

Cerys joined the probation service in May 2015 and is currently working as part of one of the Prison Offender Management teams where she has been in post since October 2019. She became aware of the POA Learning opportunities when she was forwarded a global email by her line manager.

Cerys said that the short CPD course caught her attention because they did not require her to commit to a longer period of study but would allow her to gain an insight into the subject and perhaps allow her to make a decision if this was an area where she might like to commit to more in depth study.

She applied for the understanding Leadership module and found the course stimulating and easy to use as it consisted of a mixture of methods of delivering the content, from looking at case studies, to answering quizzes as means of testing your understanding and she found it both interactive and engaging. She particularly liked the fact that you could revisit parts of the course after you had passed that section allowing you to confirm your understanding and also that the course materials remained open to you even after completion so that you can use them as a reference point and resource.

Cerys said that she had such a positive experience that she wanted to try another course immediately which she did and successfully completed the Conflict Management course and has now decided that she would like to enrol on one of the distance learning qualifications and is trying to choose which one to commit to as there are a number that she is considering from the POA Learning portfolio.

When asked the question would she recommend the CPD courses to colleagues Cerys was clear that in her opinion they had proved to be a great way to learn something without a long term commitment and she would encourage other to take advantage of the opportunities whilst they are available as other than a few hours of your time they cost you nothing and you can learn something that may lead who knows where?