An Introduction to Success Profiles

POA Learning have introduced a new online course, “An Introduction to Success Profiles” to support learners in understanding the Success Profile Framework which has been introduced to the Civil Service as a recruitment method to attract and retain people of talent and experience from a range of sectors and all walks of life.

The course, written and presented by POA Learning’s Nottingham Centre Manager Nicky Volley, will cover why Success Profiles was introduced, support learners in understanding the Framework, show how it introduces a more flexible method of assessing candidates against a range of elements using a variety of selection processes. Looking at the five modules it will also offer a much better understanding of each element and enable you to identify the key differences between the old Competency Framework and the new Behaviours. Finally, Nicky looks at how Success Profiles are used in a job campaign.

This is the first part of a three-module package which will be launched over the next few days.

To enrol and take advantage of this free course, please email:

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