Painting Tutorial

with Graham Benham

We would like to thank Graham for letting us use his tutorial, here is a short biography of this talented artist...

Graham grew up in Queenborough and left aged nineteen to pursue his life in Yorkshire.

Whilst in Yorkshire Graham chased his dream in football and spent seven years at Huddersfield Town FC as a coach after a double leg break ended any ideas of playing at the highest level. Needing to stay in the game he gained his qualifications in refereeing and coaching.

Whilst recovering from the injuries Graham learned computer programming and managed to get one of his programs reviewed in a computer magazine.


He got married in 1986 to Maggie and had four children before returning to the island in 1997.

On returning to the island, Graham put to use his coaching skills and coached at local schools free of charge to make himself known before setting up the 'Football Days' which ran in the school holidays for over two hundred children a day.

On weekends Graham involved himself in refereeing adults football and coaching local teams culminating in the team becoming champions and also being awarded the Referee of the year award two years running.

It was during this time Graham at a loose end  trying to find a medium apart from music and poetry to express himself, he watched a painting programme on TV and figured he should have a go.

He took his painting to the local art shop and left it to be critiqued . On returning a few days later the shop informed him it had been sold.

Maybe this was something he could do?...

He was then asked to put on a session at a Summer Play scheme and noticed how the children were so happy with their paintings, happy that they could produce work which they never thought possible.

Parents then asked if he would do an adults session which was a success and taken on by the Healthy Living Centre. He then oversaw the murals project where schools and individuals put forward paintings to be put on the seawall in Queenborough. Due to health and safety concerns it was left to Graham to paint their pictures on the seawall which sit proudly there to this day.

He then continued with his art classes with over twenty people attending on various days and still going strong fifteen years later. The class is for anyone wanting to paint.

Graham says, "I try to take away the mystique from painting that it is somehow only the realm of someone who has studied it for years. It is there for us all and achievable with a few little 'stabilisers', direction to lean on while you learn to ride. Before long you will be riding unaided and expressing yourself. My key phrase to success is when others say...'you didn't do that'. that in itself lets you know you have exceeded their expectations. There is no right or wrong only perception. If in your mind that is how the painting should look, so be it. I'm there to explain the technical bits which will enhance the vision." 

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