An opportunity to catch up on the sessions from our Festival of Wellbeing


Matt Pointon, Unionlearn Project Officer presents a session of short mindfulness interventions to reduce stress comprising of six mindfulness exercises, three of which are engaged in during the session.

Wellbeing Buffet

Iain Smith presents a Wellbeing Buffet with a selection of strategies and ideas that people can easily use. We will touch on all of these elements with at least one idea or technique that is easy to apply. The variety encourages sustained engagement online for all learners.

Laughter Yoga

Robin Graham reviews why laughter is said to be the best medicine, and see if that’s the case during the challenges we face today. We will discuss the physiology of laughter, what to do when we don’t feel like laughing, and see how appropriate laughter-based ideas and playfulness can help us with life’s challenges.

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