Family Learning

Plenty of activities for all the family

Adult Therapy Colouring Book

Create some wellness in your life by downloading and colouring in our POA Learning Adult Colouring Book.


Luna the Librarian

Join Luna the Librarian as she has loads of adventures.
All the pictures follow Luna the Librarian having many exciting adventures as she meets ghosts, goes baking, has underwater adventures, and even a trip into space !

It’s a great opportunity to keep the kids occupied whilst at home, but at the same time bring out their creative side as they have fun learning to write stories that can go alongside their artwork.


Painting Tutorial

Graham Benham shows us how to paint a lovely scene on a beach in this two part video tutorial.


Quick Draws

Join Richard Jeferies as he shows how to draw different things such as a robot, a puppy, a kitten and a teddy bear.