Dartmoor Learning Centre

Dartmoor Learning Centre, is located just outside HMP Dartmoor, in Princetown Devon, the full address is POA Learning Centre, HMP Dartmoor, Princetown, Devon, PL20 6RR. The learning centre was opened in 2010.


The centre operates in all the South West prisons, as well as engaging with a great many community groups, charities and organisations. Aside from the courses that are available through POA Learning nationally we offer Prison Awareness Training, Dementia Awareness Training, as well as covering a range of prison related training. The centre is also available for community groups, charities and organisations to use for training or meetings, with a range of training aids being available.


Contact details : 

Ivan Judd, Learner Support - ivan.judd@poalearning.org.uk 

Susan Hunt, Learner Support - susan.hunt@poalearning.org.uk

there is also a generic email address - dartmoor@poalearning.org.uk, and the contact phone number is 01822 322241


The centre is open between 08.00 and 17.00, although times do vary, so please check before coming along to the centre.