What employers are looking for

POA Learning have added another course to their employability suite of learning to support individuals getting back into the job market.

“What do employers look for?” is a new session taking a look at the things that most employers will be looking for, from the initial job advert, to the interview and selection process.

Employers will be looking for certain qualities in their staff to ensure the smooth running of their business; this session gives the learner the chance to think about how the job advert is worded so applications can be tailored to fit in with its requirements, it includes identifying key words and phrases and looking at the role from the employers’ point of view.

The session then moves on to the personal qualities and skills required for the role, linking into UnionLearn’s “Skillcheck” tool, giving the learner an opportunity to take into consideration their own qualities and skills that may, without prompting, not be obvious.

As POA Learning continue to support learners during the current climate this is another positive resource for anyone who is looking for a new job

For more information about the course, or to enrol, please contact: sandra.trigg@poalearning.org.uk

This course is part of our employability suite of courses that includes:

• CV Online Course
• Effective Job Applications
• Effective Interview Techniques
• Returning to work after a break

Please visit: www.poalearning.org.uk for more details.

What employers are looking for