Effective Interview Techniques

Dovetailing in with the two previous courses, or just as a standalone, this great resource supports learners as they prepare for a job interview.

With a host of advice on job interview techniques, the course will help you prepare for that interview with Dave covering how best to prepare, what the most common interview questions are, how to deal with the different types of interview, some do’s and don’ts of general interview etiquette and how to leave a good impression.

Alongside the course, there are several downloadable resources and we are also able to offer post course support offering extra tips and ideas on how to be confident and successful in your interview.

To take advantage of this new session, please email: sandra.trigg@poalearning.org.uk

Learners with a Welsh postcode, please email: nigel.williamson@poalearning.org.uk

Effective Interview Techniques