Apprenticeship Support Network

The Apprenticeship Support Network has been set up to help any apprentices with information, advice and guidance to help them through their apprenticeship.

When speaking about apprenticeships we are referring to anybody taking an apprenticeship qualification at any level and by any means, through a university, college or training provider.

The network has the support of training providers and trade unions.

Some trade unions have offered their help, in the first instance, free of charge as they understand that there are a lot of people who have not had the benefit of knowing their services and the help they can give.


The project is fully funded and is intended to reach out to as many people who need it.


Alongside the website, which will guide you on general subjects, there is also a telephone line which you can ring to speak to somebody who will help you with more specific problems (07951 750926 or 01983 532769).

If you need more support or more specific help and guidance then that person will be able to put you in contact with the relevant trade union who will be able to support you, in confidence, with your problem.


If this is a workplace problem, a training provider issue or any other issue directly concerning your apprenticeship

they can offer you one to one support. 

Should you have a problem outside your apprenticeship, ie debt problems, problems with balancing work, study and home life, talk to us and we will be able to guide you through this stage of your journey or signpost you to somebody who will be able to help you.


Any information you give us will remain confidential.


Any help we give you in the first instance is free and you do not need to be a trade union member to access it. However, should you receive help from a trade union you may consider joining one and reaping the benefits that they can provide.

Please see our section on Trade Unions to help you.

Apprenticeships, at every level, are a valuable step in our learning journey which unlocks our potential

to embrace the next stage in our journey of life.​

To contact us, please email or call:


Phone: 07951 750926 / 01983 532769

Fore more information, visit the website